Fil 11 oral lt3 notes

Kee to this report as Table 6, and that appendix is available. That 13 recommendation was that: The second and third sessions of this conference were held during the years Bel den Chicago, At this point it is appropriate 11 to remind this conference of the first conclusion made back 12 in S.

At this time I would like to turn to Table 3 and specifically identify for the record each of the 16 industrial waste sources which are behind schedule. Perkins South Bend Tribune W. Andrew Stoddard, Staff Engineer U.

Diario de la marina ( February 6, 1906 )

Poston 2 that there were no phosphates on the shelves of her grocery 3 store and that she would like to have the opportunity to 4 purchase such material.

Aldrich and Mark V. Powers, Resident Aquatic Biologist U. Box Chesterton, Ind. This report should be issued by December 31,which is the final deadline for industrial waste control.

IB The standards set for pleasure craft by the Federal 19 Environmental Protection Agency are not sufficient to cut dowi 20 on sewage discharges from boats. Jacobson American Nuclear Society E. Un iamo de dorada aldra, tn putiado omes lo Asiloedo bnefconclaquctantou.

Box Ann Arbor, Mich. They would allow the con- 21 tinuation of discharges on existing vessels indefinitely. Has this happened here in the city of 22 Chicago. Michigan Ave Jackson, Mich. We believe that strict regulations are necessary and we urge Federal adoption. Box Youngstown, Ohio Mr. Shaw Argonne National Lab.

Fowler Atlantic Richfield Co. We 4 have also developed certain statistical information on the 5 basis of current status of compliance with the conference 6 recommendations, I think you will find this information 7 quite interesting.

Young Sheridan Rd. There 15 has, however, been an increasing Federal role within the 16 Lake Michigan Basin which has paralleled the growth of 17 Federal enforcement activity nationally.

If your shares are held in "street name" by your broker or other nomineeplease check the instruction card provided by your broker or other nominee or contact your broker or other nominee to determine whether you will be able to vote by telephone or via the Internet.

Banahan, Assistant Chief Counsel U. Stockholders may not vote for a greater number of persons than the eight nominees named in this proxy statement. It is essential that steps be taken immediately 10 to implement this plan which will eliminate the need to 11 divert excess stormwaters into Lake Michigan.

Steven R, Biologist Commonwealth 72 W. Robert Styduhar, Civil Engineer U. Uia pltoadas con ayodn de aparatI. Gary Schenzel, Physical Scientist U.

I have requested each State 14 to report on programs they have instituted, and regulations 15 they have adopted to implement, to the fullest extent, the 16 recommendations arising from previous sessions of the Lake 17 Michigan Enforcement Conference It is proper to note here that any additional areas of interest can be discussed after treatment of the major topics.

You will note on the agenda that we will enter into an executive 15 session to finalize any conclusions and recommendations. I am very happy to see many of my acquaintances at 15 1 D.

Mayo 2 Kerner, Governor of Illinois, as well as on the basis of 3 reports, surveys, and studies by the Secretary of the Interior. Marinette None American Can Co. Dan Crevensten, Physical Scientist U. Each State will be per- mitted to manage its own time and order of presentation according to the topic at hand.

Davenport Iowa Mr. Steel - South Works E. FIl 11 Oral LT3 Pula, Puti, at Saka Blu, at Marami Pang Korol 1. Moralistikong Pananaw Batayang Tanong: Mahirap talaga ang buhay ng mga mahirap, kaya kailangan natin tulungan sila. Huwag tayo gumamit ng drugs. The form of the indenture has been filed as an exhibit to the registration statement on Form F-3, of which this prospectus is a part, and you should read the indenture for provisions that may be important to you.

Notes Funding: Digitization provided by the Center for Research Libraries and NewsBank, Inc. Puerta Padre, makomamoa.comNAM- de4owds waAtu2 todeu.

barot ktays rI.1alleda, (Hlsitnaest v o, Y Leo d d I,y wsooie do Voome. slo"' JOst 18 A lt3 A.0 naTIEV MYr TCONPOSTEU MWAR. I 11 would like to enter a copy of the detailed status of com- 12 pliance listing into the conference record at this time, 13 along with the tables which accompanied my oral presenta- 14 tion.

15 (Tables 4, 5 and 6 and the Status of Compliance 16 with Lake Michigan Enforcement Conference Requirements 17 report follow in their entireties.) 19 DISTRIBUIÇÃO ESPAÇO-TEMPORAL DE Micropogonias furnieri (PERCIFORMES, SCIAENIDAE) EM UM ESTUÁRIO TROPICAL NO SUDESTE DO BRASIL.

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Fil 11 oral lt3 notes
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